James & Kirsten

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Important Information


Dress Code: formal

Cash-bar with card facilities

Regrettably No Children

Gift Idea


We’ve just moved home and have filled it with stuff,
From books to sofas, we’ve certainly got enough!
Instead of more wine glasses, we’d really love some cash,
So that we can book a perfect honeymoon and head off in a dash.
A romantic beach break would really do the trick,
As soon as we can afford it, we’ll be on that plane quick!

We can’t wait to spend our wedding day with you,
We’ve been planning hard and spending money for a good year or two.
As we’re keen to start our married life in style,
An amazing honeymoon would really make us smile.
Instead of a gift list from a high street shop,
We’d really love some money so on a beach we can flop!
Your financial donation would truly mean a lot,
So thank you for contributing to our honeymoon pot!

In order to make our dreams come true,
We’d love to go on a honeymoon for a week or two.
Instead of a dinner set, a vase, or a bowl,
A financial contribution would make our wedding experience whole.
We’ve created a bank account to save our honeymoon money,
We really appreciate it, and we can’t wait to go somewhere sunny!

Bank Details:

James Engelbrecht

Bank: FNB 

Account number: 62185089739

Branch Code: 250655

Reference: Honeymoon + name (name optional)



Our Love Story


It was the evening of the 20th of December 2021 and we just finished having dinner at Sossusvlei lodge in Namibia. We were ready to head back to our camp and get a good night's rest before a long trip to Swakopmund. We arrived back at the camp we were staying at when Eddie told me to meet him outside in half an hour.


I had set an alarm and waited patiently inside until his time was up, but he came back into the room shortly after and said he would need a few more minutes. I was puzzled as I didn't think a night of stargazing in the desert would take more than half an hour to set up. 


Little did Eddie know, the girl he was about to propose to, took a tiny nap that made her miss her deadline. After rushing to get finished, I quickly made my way outside and saw nothing but darkness, no Eddie in sight. I thought that he said "get me outside" but he said, "get me behind the house" after a few long minutes of waiting for each other he eventually figured out that I was not coming. He made his way to get me and took my hand and said "where have you been?" I said get me behind the house. (not my finest moment of listening.)


We walked into an open field behind our house where I could see bright lights on the other end, in the middle of the desert sand with one tree in sight, the most perfect Quiver with the lights. I asked him why he made so much effort for a picnic under the stars (little did I know what was coming) about half way through the field we both heard the sounds of a wild animal cry not very far away from where we were and I immediately started asking a lot more questions about why this stargazing picnic was so far out in the middle of nowhere, a little more noise from this wild animal and Eddie gripped my hand tighter, (also afraid, but he won't admit it) and said that we are not turning back now and we started walking much faster towards the tree, meanwhile I was looking over my shoulder every 2 minutes for this wild creature. 


We eventually got to the tree, as this open field was massive and I started to see all the photos on the floor of us throughout the pathway leading up to the tree and I could think of nothing else besides how much I love this man and immediately forgot about this wild calling in the background. (at least if it ate us, I'd die alongside my best friend) We spoke for a while and he took my hands and said a whole lot of cute things that I'll keep a secret. He reached for the box and got down on one knee and my heart was in shock, still not believing what was about to happen. I cried a lot more than anything else and Eddie will say that I missed him getting down on one knee to propose, but I was over the moon. 


In most parts of Namibia, we didn't have signal and there was something special about not having signal on this night, it was him and I and not a soul or phone to distract us (beside the ranger who thought we were game reserve poachers) The night was truly special. We're still debating whether the wild animal calling was a jackal or a brown hyena as the "beware of hyena signs were quite obvious leaving the next morning.






But this isn't where it all began, however it all started with a dream in 2018, when KC woke up with the intention to make contact again with Eddie after not seeing each other for over a year.


We reconnected when God revealed KC a special dream. After being friends for a few years and then losing contact for a while, we found our way back to one other.


Not knowing where God would lead us, a month before leaving University and entering into the real world, we took a leap of faith and started talking again. It was all uncertain, but the evening of the 24th of December 2018, everything changed. A lengthy drive from Polokwane to Vanderbijlpark, I pitched up at KC's parents' house to spend the evening before a 5-hour trip back at 5am the next morning. One night of future plans and a sneaky kiss before bedtime.


We decided to give things a try and late in December spent New Year's together in Swadini. A few more kisses later and we parted ways again, still not knowing where the journey would take us in our new season of life. 


Early in 2019 I decided to take a job opportunity and moved in with a friend in Krugersdorp. The toughest few months ahead for us, not knowing it yet. 


From sleeping in a room with no bed and only a thin pillow and blanket to eventually having a couch and a few more pillows. I realised that having KC by my side was all I needed. 


Fast forward a few months and a few towns later, here we are. Best friends with the best testimonies of God's perfect love for us.


We cannot wait to share our special day with you and most importantly, celebrate and honour our God who brought us together to prepare His Kingdom.