Paul & Doreen

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Amadwala Lodge
Hole in One
Country Park Guest House - Muldersdrift
Eagle Nest Hotel


Gift Idea

The most important gift to us

is to have you share our day,

but should you wish to

contribute in some other way,

then to help us on our honeymoon

in our chosen paradise,

a little extra spending money

would be really nice 


Banking Details : 


Absa Cheque 

Branch code: 632005

Account Number: 9190176607

Doreen Smit


Our Love Story


Our love story started one night out with friends.

Girls’ night out for some drinking and dancing. The keyword being GIRLS night out...

A guy started chatting with my friend which meant his friend started, or try to, chat with me. Not happy with the fact that the Girls' night out didn’t turn out the way I planned, I was actually quite rude to him.

Not knowing that he will become my better half.

At the end of the night, unknowingly my girlfriend gave them our numbers. Saying good night, we asked which way their car was – one pointed left and the other one right




Laughing at them they explained they actually walked here and had no car.

The funny part of this story happened only once we got home.

They mixed up our names and messaged the wrong person.

Mine being Doreen and hers being Rudene, Paul message Rudene thinking it was me.

This is where our love story started. After a few months and some traveling on my part, we became inseparable. We did everything together.

Our hobbies aligned perfectly and became the best of friends.

Over the course of a year, our love started to grow and we became soul mates.


The proposal!

On the other hand, our proposal was perfect!

Me being the attention to detail pain in the butt like everyone knows me I cannot believe he pulled this off.

Before leaving work, he called me saying pack your bags and meet me at this address.

I left work, showered, and pack my bags waiting for the go-ahead to leave as he was still busy with the final touches.

Reaching the gate of Rietvlei Nature reserve, I phoned Paul asking where I should go from here.

I told me to drive along the water and I will see it...

Driving along the water I came across a path of candles, “very romantic” I thought to myself driving past thinking that cannot be for me.

Paul phoned me asking where I was going as I passed his very romantic path of candles.

I made a u-turned and arrived at a little romantic camping site, just for us.

Fire burning as it was 24 April 2015 (7 years later I know right) there was a tent pitched and Sushi waiting for me.

We poured a glass of wine and after a while, he asked me to close my eyes.

Having no idea why he planned all this I agreed to, hearing cellophane rumbling he asked me to open my eyes.

As I opened my eyes, he was down on one knee holding a teddy bear in his hand.

He told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

Then he asked, “Will you marry me?”

As you would think my answer would be “YES”, the first thing that came out of my mouth was: “Where is the ring?”

Romanticly bowed on the Teddybears neck was the ring.

I of course said “YES” and found an inscription inside the ring saying: “I love you”

The three-stone ring represents our past, present, and future.