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Wedding Flower Package, Feminine
Wedding Flower Package, Earthy Tones
Wedding Flower Package, Dramatic
Wedding Flower Package, Cheerfull
Wedding Flower Package, Best of Both

Our Wedding flower packages gives you a base to build from, and plenty of freedom to add any personal favorites.

You can swap out any flowers for a different colour, or change the shape of the bridal bouquet.

All of our Wedding Flower Packages include the price per arrangement, to help you get a clear understanding of what your wedding flowers will cost.

We exist to make fresh wedding flowers, extraordinary, ethereal, and unforgettable.


Our aim is to create a stress-free wedding planning experience with our wedding flower packages.

You can print the wedding flower package your in love with and add it to your wedding vision board or wedding Scrapbook.


Get started by picking your mood board colours.

If there isn't a package that doesn't exactly capture your vision for your wedding day flowers, please complete our questionnaire and we will create a completely customized package just for you!

Flower package and Prices
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Flower package and Prices
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Flower package and Prices
Moody Burgundy wedding flower
Flower package and Prices

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Flower package and Prices
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Please note, we charge extra:

* per florist (Set-up Fee), depending on the size of your wedding and the time limit we have for set-up. *Travelling Fee

*If your wedding classifies as a destination wedding, accommodation will need to be provided