The Certificate in Advanced Wedding Planning and Floristry has been designed by industry professionals to equip future wedding planners and florist with the basic skills they will need for a successful career in all aspects of wedding planning. Both technical and practical, this course guides aspiring planners and florists through all aspects of the wedding industry, allowing the students to gain a greater understanding as to which will be their chosen path at the end of the course. It also offers guidance for developing a start-up business or working within an existing business or venue based on industry standards.

All the elements of a wedding are carefully assimilated into modules, whereby students are guided by our professional wedding planner and florist, giving them the skills and the portfolio needed to achieve success in this competitive industry.

Advanced wedding Planning and floristry Course

The next Available course starts 11 January 2021- November 2021

Pretoria Wedding Planning and Florist Course 2021

Part-Time Wedding Planning and Florist Course Modules

  • Introduction to the exciting world of Weddings

  • The Importance of the Relationship between Wedding Planner & Venue Coordinator

  • The Role of the Wedding/Event Planner vs that of a Wedding/Event Co-ordinator or a Venue Co-ordinator

  • Cultural Wedding Traditions & the originations thereof

  • International Weddings vs Local Weddings 

  • Wedding Products & Services

  • Wedding Trends

  • Wedding Etiquette

  • Professional Industry endorsed Specialists introduce and host lectures on each product and service offered within the wedding industry according to their area of expertise.

  • Meeting with your Couples

    • Initial Meeting

    • Planning of Future Meetings

    • Final Meetings

    • Pulling the Plans Together

    • Understanding the needs of the Couple

    • Dealing with Difficult Clients

  • How to Charge for your Services

    • Important Items to Include

    • Creating a personal package inline with your services

    • Fee Structure and Guidance

    • Defining your scope of responsibilities your

    • Terms and Conditions

    • How to sell your services

    • Contracts

  • Scheduling the Wedding Timeline in Template Form

  • Scheduling for a Wedding Planner

  • Difference Types & Styles of Weddings

  • Legalities

  • Budgets

    • Managing your Clients Budget

    • Budget Templates

  • Preparation for Wedding/Event Day Management

  • The Wedding Ceremony

    • Coordinating  a Wedding Rehearsal

    • The Ceremony according to a Marriage Officer

    • The variation of ceremonies

    • The elements involved in a wedding ceremony

  • Dress and Attire

    • The Bride

    • The Retinue

    • Fabrication

    • Groom and Groomsmen Etiquette Styles

    • Colour Coordination

  • Wedding Venues

    • Ceremony Venues

    • Reception Venues

    • Evaluation of the Venue

    • Understanding of the Services offered by the Venues

    • Working with Venue Coordinators

    • Understanding the Venues Operating Systems

  • Catering

    • Interaction with Caterers

    • Catering from a Wedding Planners Perspective

    • Serving Styles

    • Venue Catering

    • Private Catering

    • Dietary Requirements

    • Briefing the caterer

    • Menu Selections

  • Wine

    • Serving Wines

    • Wine Varietals

    • Food & Wine Pairing

    • Most Suitable Wines for Weddings

    • Corkage

    • Temperature

    • Tasting and Assessing

  • Basic Business Management

    • Understanding the Basics

    • Costing

    • Profitability

    • Time Management

    • Balance of Work and Lifestyle

  • Marketing

    • Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest

    • Establishing your Target Market

    • Trend Spotting

    • Marketing your business effectively

    • Creating your branding

  • Wedding cakes from a wedding planners perspective

  • Hair & make-up from a wedding planners perspective

  • Basic flower arranging

  • Briefing a Florist & Décor Supplier

  • Basic draping

  • Wedding stationery basics

  • Photography & Videography from a wedding planners perspective

  • Music, entertainment for weddings/ events

  • Selecting, detailing, and dealing with service providers

  • Building a portfolio

  • Health and Saftey protocols

  • Dealing with COVID-19 protocols at weddings once the industry is re-opened,

  • Introduction to Function Décor for Weddings and Events

  • Tools and Equipment Needed

  • Napkin Folding and Accessorising

  • Choosing Flowers

  • Flower Preparation & Conditioning

  • Seasons and Availability of Flowers

  • Wiring Flowers

  • Buying Flowers at the Auction (JHB)

  • Where to get your Flowers and Floral Supplies

  • Church & Ceremony Flowers

  • The Bridal Party

  • Draping and Column Flowers

  • Dressing a Cake with Flowers

  • Flowers for Different Centrepieces

  • Reception Décor and Gala Dinner Décor

  • Main Table Flowers, Draping and Decor

  • Hanging Arrangements

  • Table Layouts

  • Use of Vases, Candelabras, Candles, Stands, and Votives

  • Measuring your Function Space

  • The Structure of your Venue and how to Work with Space

  • Charging for your Services

  • Securing of Ropes

  • Backdrops

  • Cost Cutting

  • Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Establishing your Target Market

  • Trend Spotting

  • Building a Portfolio

  • Meeting with your Couples

  • Ordering Flowers & Dealing with Suppliers

Practical Hours

In order to successfully complete this course, students are required to complete100 internal practical hours. A full logbook will need to be completed by the end of the course.

Classes Wednesday 6 pm – 9 pm)


Practical Work time (Thursday – Sunday)


R27 500 + R1 500 Registration Fee

=R2 500 per month