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Tips From Wedding Planners on How To Avoid Common Mistakes That Brides Make

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

However, there is a difference between a wedding coordinator and a venue coordinator... A venue coordinator coordinates the venue; ensuring the venue is clean, the staff knows what to do, food preparations, and everything that has to do with the VENUE. A wedding coordinator oversees the execution of all your wedding plans on the big day. Managing vendors when they arrive, overseeing the final walk-through of the venue, managing your wedding rehearsal, managing your wedding timeline, and more.

A month-of coordinator will be a photographer’s best friend! They can assist with wrangling family members for photos and calling off names for different photo groupings seeing that a photographer is NOT a coordinator. During extended family photos, a coordinator or their assistant will be making sure the reception area is set prior to guests entering the space.

No friend, family member, or even maid-of-honour should bear the responsibility of troubleshooting or managing the actual wedding day. A month-of coordinator can deal with vendor questions, coordinate for unexpected weather changes and handle last minute stressors that are bound to occur for even the most organized bride.

Months of planning goes into your wedding day. And trust us: You'll want to be fully present to enjoy every moment!

At Ethereal Events, we could not agree more! Just like your fairy godmother, we will swoop in with a personalized timeline for your Wedding day, take over the management of suppliers, set up and coordinate your wedding day, ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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