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6 Things to Avoid in 2024

Avoid #1: Not having a Wedding Planner

Ruling out a wedding planner altogether might seem tempting, but trust me, it's like skipping the main ingredient in your favorite recipe! Let's break it down to understand why having a wedding planner is not just important but crucial for a stress-free, flawless wedding.

 Best Wedding Planners

Planning a wedding is no stroll in the park—it's a marathon of decisions, logistics, and emotions.

The Difference Between Roles: Wedding Planner vs. Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinator

A wedding planner is your all-in-one maestro. They're there from the get-go, helping you navigate the vast ocean of choices, recommending vendors, managing budgets, and ensuring your vision becomes a reality. They're like your personal GPS through the wedding maze.

On the other hand, a venue coordinator is fantastic at what they do—managing the venue. They'll handle logistics specific to the location, oversee food, and manage their staff. However, their focus is the venue itself, not your entire wedding puzzle.

Then there's the wedding coordinator. Think of them as the conductor of your wedding day orchestra. They ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day, coordinating vendors, managing timelines, and making sure your vision is executed flawlessly.

Avoid #2: Sweetheart Table

Forget the isolation; it's time for unity! Picture two elegant long tables or the inviting curves of U-shaped setups—it's not just about where you sit; it's about creating a tapestry of shared moments. Every clink of glasses, every shared bite, it's all about celebrating love, life, and connections. This is your moment to dine, laugh, and savor the company of those who've colored your life in the brightest hues.

Avoid #3: Booking a photographer for less then 10 hours

Let's talk about making every smile, every tear, and every laugh last a lifetime! Here's the scoop: many of our couples, take charge of planning their wedding and bring us onboard for on-the-day coordination. Now, around 90% of these clients initially book an 8 or 9-hour photo package. But hold the bouquet! As your day whirls by in a whirlwind of love and joy, those hours simply vanish. Suddenly, it's a month before the big day, and surprise! You need extra hours, cue unexpected costs. That's why we're here to shout it from the rooftops: opt for 10 hours or unlimited photography, and let me tell you this longer timeline is your VIP pass to capturing every fantastic moment of your magical celebration!

Avoid #4: Traditional Cake Cuttings!

Say goodbye to the typical cake cutting routine—it's time for a fresh twist on tradition that's all about fun, interaction, and a touch of innovation! Instead of the usual cake-centric affair, let's dive into the world of creative alternatives that add that extra zing to your celebration, especially for those who aren't die-hard cake fans. Enter the era of small cakes stealing the spotlight! Picture this: a charming little cake surrounded by a circle of shooters, creating a delightful moment during cocktail hour. It's not just about cutting the cake; it's about sharing that special tradition with all your beloved guests in an interactive, memorable way.

The brilliance here? You still get that cherished tradition of slicing the cake, but with a twist! After the ceremonial cut, everyone gets to partake in a shooter toast—a collective celebration that's as engaging as it is heartwarming. Pro-tip alert: opting for a white shooter or one that matches your color scheme adds that extra touch of cohesion and elegance to the affair.

Now, here's the ace up our sleeve: by shifting the cake cutting to cocktail hour or alongside a champagne tower, you're not just creating a delightful moment; you're streamlining your timeline like a pro! Bid adieu to time-consuming rituals during the reception and say hello to an early dance floor kickoff. It's a win-win—formality done, more time for fun, and an evening that flows seamlessly from one magical moment to the next.

Champagne Tower

Avoid #5: Plated Starters, Embrace Cocktail Hour Delights!

Calling all brides ready to trade the mundane for the dance floor—let's talk about skipping the predictable and diving straight into the fantastic! Plated starters? Who needs 'em! Let's be real here—most guests come prepped, having pre-hungered themselves, eagerly awaiting the scrumptious wedding feast. So why not fast-track to one of the most exhilarating parts of the celebration—the Cocktail Hour!

Picture this: a stunning harvest table brimming with delectable delights, inviting guests to graze and indulge in a culinary adventure. And here's the twist! Instead of the usual plated starters, let's elevate the experience with canapés served by charming waiters, adding a touch of sophistication to this delightful affair. It's all about that perfect blend of elegance and enjoyment, embracing the bounty of flavors while keeping the party vibe alive!

Avoid #6: Speeches

Let's talk speeches—tradition, right? But hey, who said tradition can't use a sprinkle of sparkle? Bid farewell to the tediousness of multiple speeches and opt for a refreshing twist. How about a groom's speech, heartfelt and personal, or let the MC step up for a charming toast honoring the parents and all the unsung heroes behind this magical day? It's all about infusing moments of gratitude and love without losing the momentum of celebration. Let's turn those speeches from snoozeville to heartfelt, concise, and oh-so-brilliant, leaving everyone smiling and ready to hit the dance floor in style!

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