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6 Trends In 2024 To Watch

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Hey there, lovebirds and party starters. Adé here from thereal Events Co., ready to spill the tea on the trendiest, most swoon-worthy details for your 2024 wedding extravaganza. We're diving into the ultimate guide to what's in, what's out, and how to color your 'I dos' with absolute pizzazz!

At Ethereal Events Co., we don't just plan weddings; we conjure pure magic. Think of us as your love navigators, your fairy godmothers of celebrations, and your go-to team for crafting memories that outshine even the most dazzling of stars. And boy, are we pumped to guide you through the hottest wedding trends this year!

From the boldest 'wow' factors to those subtle, enchanting touches, 2024 is shaping up to be a year of absolute grandeur and finesse. But hey, amidst the glittering trends, there are a few 'not-so-much' things to steer clear of. And of course, let's talk colors—because your love story deserves a palette that sings!

Trend #1: Roof Installations: The Sky's the Limit!

First up, let's talk ceilings—yeah, you heard that right. Roof installations are having a major moment! But forget about those drapes that look like they belong in grandma's parlor. We're talking sculptural masterpieces that’ll make your guests' jaws drop. Think warm hues like beige and soft ivory for that classy touch.

Tip: Avoid the snooze fest of old-school white drapes; they're so 2004!

Floral Fantasies on High: Blooms Above

Now, for the floral fanatics out there, we're talking elaborate floral roof installations. Picture your love story wrapped in petals and leaves! And if you're dreaming of a floral roof paradise, brace yourselves—it's a labor of love. These insulations take time and a small army of talented florists to craft. Trust me, it's a logistical ballet. Pro-tip: If you're eyeing this majestic floral skyline, plan ahead. Chat with your florist, understand the setup dance, and ensure your venue is ready for this flowery extravaganza!

Chandeliers: A Touch of Elegance

Now, for the cherry on top—chandeliers! If your budget's doing a happy dance, why not go all out? Mix and match, combine the opulence of chandeliers with the grace of those stunning roof installations. Your guests will be talking about this celestial wonderland for years to come!

Color Scheme

Trend #2: Unpredictable Colour Blasts

Red & light blue, white and periwinkle—get ready to splash your day with unexpected colour schemes that'll make Picasso blush! Hold tight, we're about to dive deeper into colors in just a moment.

Trend #3: Guest Fashion: Dressing to Dazzle, But Not to Daze!

We're flipping the script on traditional celebrations, folks. Setting dress codes has become an art form—an invitation to sprinkle some rebel chic into your wedding day. Think of it as an exclusive fashion challenge!

Guests in all white while the bride rocks a striking red dress? Yup, that's the vibe we're loving! Formality has never been this fun. It's all about encouraging those adventurous fashion statements while sticking to a theme. Just don’t get too cryptic; you don’t want your guests showing up in spacesuits thinking it’s a “galactic gala.”

The fashion game isn't just for the guests this year—second looks are stealing the spotlight! Picture this: the bride rocking a mini dress or a chic jumpsuit, ready to kick off the celebration in style. But hold up, the groom's not staying behind in the fashion race! Picture him swapping the classic suit for a simple, fitted white t-shirt paired with his wedding trousers and some sleek, party-appropriate white sneakers. It's a double dose of fashion flair, making the celebration not just about saying "I do" but doing it in fabulous style!

So, to all my fashion-forward friends out there, let's turn up the style dial, inject some pizzazz, and make 2024 the year of unforgettable fashion statements at weddings!

Pink  Wedding Trend

Trend #4: Candle Extravaganza: Illumination Galore! No Flowers, Just Flames.

Candles are the new stars. Everywhere. Seriously, you'll feel like you've walked into a romantic wonderland!

Tables adorned with just candles? Oh, it's not just a trend; it's a magical transformation!

Who needs traditional floral centerpieces when the tables are dressed in the warm embrace of candles? This trend isn't just about lighting up the room; it's about creating an ambiance that's intimate, cozy, and utterly enchanting. With roof installations stealing the show, let the tables play host to the dance of flames!

Wedding Candles & Fairylights

Trend #5: Spraypaint & Textural Charms

Spray-paint, Ribbons, pearls, bows, fruit and fabric.

Get ready to dive into a whirlwind of textures! Picture this: gypsophila, greenery, and anthuriums jazzed up with some spray paint, bringing an explosion of color to the scene. Ribbons are playing dress-up on glasses, while single stem roses and pearls are throwing a fancy party on fruits and anthuriums. And guess what's just in? Tablecloths are here to play, teaming up with scrunched-up runners to create a texture bonanza! It's like a tactile carnival, turning every corner into a delightful surprise!

Pearl & Bow Trend

Trend #6: Immersive Entertainment Experiences

Wedding entertainment has undergone a captivating transformation, leaning towards immersive experiences. Couples are embracing unique forms of entertainment that go beyond the conventional. One emerging trend is the inclusion of cold fireworks, dazzling displays that paint the night sky with a kaleidoscope of colors, adding a magical touch to the celebration.

The DJ isn't just playing music; they're curating an experiential journey, seamlessly blending tracks that resonate with the couple's love story. Live painters are now a sought-after addition, skillfully capturing the essence of the wedding day on canvas, providing couples with a tangible masterpiece as a cherished memory.

Surprise sketch artists are making cocktail hours memorable by mingling among guests and creating quick, personalized A6 portraits. These delightful keepsakes not only surprise and delight but also serve as unique favors for attendees. Photobooths have evolved into immersive spaces, offering an array of props and backdrops, ensuring that each guest leaves with a whimsical snapshot of the celebration.

This trend isn't just about entertainment—it's about crafting unforgettable, multi-sensory experiences that leave an indelible mark on everyone who attends.

Wedding Cartoonist Trend

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