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Jenna & Matt's Dream Destination Wedding in the Kruger National Park

Wedding in Kruger National Park

Venue: Mdluli Safari Lodge

Florals & Draping: Fleur Le Codeur Rentals & Candles: Love Beloved Studio

Destination Wedding Planning: Ethereal Events Co.

When Jenna and Matt envisioned their wedding day, they dreamed of an intimate celebration surrounded by the untamed beauty of the African bush. Their dream came to life in the heart of Kruger National Park at the stunning Mdluli Safari Lodge, a location that perfectly encapsulated the wild elegance they sought.

A Touch of Nature: Florals & Draping

The ceremony and reception areas were transformed into a floral paradise by Fleur Le Codeur. The floral arrangements were nothing short of spectacular, with lush, cascading blooms in a palette of white, cream, and subtle green accents, harmoniously blending with the natural surroundings. Towering floral pillars framed the altar, creating a breathtaking focal point for the couple's vows.

The draping, also by Fleur Le Codeur, added an ethereal quality to the setting. Soft, flowing fabrics in pure white were gracefully hung, creating a dreamy atmosphere that was both romantic and sophisticated. The drapery not only enhanced the visual appeal but also added a sense of intimacy and enclosure amidst the vast expanse of the bush.

Candlelit Romance

As the sun set over the savannah, the reception area came alive with the warm, flickering glow of hundreds of candles. The abundance of candlelight created an ambiance of romance and magic, casting a soft glow over the elegantly set tables and highlighting the beautiful details of the decor. The tables were adorned with an array of pillar candles, which complemented the floral arrangements perfectly and added to the enchanting atmosphere.

The Perfect Blend: Planning & Execution

Planning a destination wedding in the Kruger presents unique challenges, but Ethereal Events Co. rose to the occasion, ensuring every detail was meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. From coordinating logistics to managing the intricate details of decor and timing, our team worked tirelessly to bring Jenna and Matt's vision to life.

The wedding was a true destination event, with guests traveling from far and wide to share in the couple's special day. The natural beauty of the Kruger Park setting provided a stunning backdrop for the celebration, while the thoughtful planning and exquisite decor made it an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

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Experience the magic of a perfectly planned destination wedding with Ethereal Events Co. Let us bring your dream wedding to life in the heart of nature.

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