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These days you can research every detail of your wedding ceremony on the internet – so why do you need anyone else to organize your special day? Here are the real reasons for choosing a wedding planner in Pretoria and how to choose the best person for the job.

What is a wedding planner?

  • A wedding planner takes a dream and makes it into reality - all within a budget!

  • A wedding planner is an accomplished negotiator – and always gets the best prices!

  • A wedding planner is a problem solver – often without you ever knowing there was an issue!

  • A wedding planner is the ultimate project manager – always with a smile!

  • A wedding planner knows all the best suppliers – and trusts them!

Can anyone organize a wedding?

With research, contacts, Experience, and knowledge, then, of course, anyone can organize a wedding.

I am a renowned wedding and Events Coordinator and Planner in Pretoria, I have enormous experience Coordinating and Planning a variety of special events and Weddings in Pretoria. I have worked professionally in many different types of venues. I know a lot of fantastic wedding suppliers, from florists and makeup artists to photographers and DJs.

What is a wedding coordinator?

Even though you might have booked your venue yourself and personally contracted your photographer, your florist, your caterer, and of course your minister or officiant, on the day of the wedding you want to be the bride or groom. You do not want to be solving problems on the day of your wedding!

A great option for couples who want to organize as much of their wedding themselves as possible is to employ a coordinator just for the day of the wedding.

Depending on your agreement, a wedding coordinator can:

  • Check your suppliers’ contracts, Manage them and complete all timelines

  • Check wedding timing throughout the day and make adjustments to the timetable if needed

  • Solve a myriad of practical problems from changing a lightbulb to helping sick guests or directing lost suppliers to the venue

  • Essentially ensure that every detail of your planned wedding runs smoothly

An event coordinator is different from a wedding planner

Remember that a venue coordinator is employed by the venue to organize its events. A venue coordinator works for the venue.

A wedding planner on the other hand is independent and will look at a range of venues.

“We always consider the best menu option, celebrant, photographer, makeup artist, entertainer etc. to fit your needs within your budget.”

So how do you choose a wedding planner?

You are trusting your special day to a stranger, so speak to a number of different wedding planners.

They all have different personalities and ways of working. Ultimately you need to trust them and get on well with them.

  • Ask for a free face to face consultation either in person or with a video call

  • Write down a list of questions

  • Check out their website and social media platforms – and read the comments!

  • Find out about their different packages from planning every detail through to the on the day coordinator

  • Confirm if you have a choice of supplier for each area of your wedding or does the planner only work with one caterer, one photographer, etc.

Most importantly, read reviews and testimonials from other couples – and if you are still not sure, ask if you can speak with previous clients.

Remember, you only get one chance to get your wedding day right and realize your dream!

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