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This Neon-Barbie Theme Has These Pretoria Wedding Planners Dreaming in Pink!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

As the planning of the new wedding season approaches, we’re feeling inspired by all the wedding trends we’ve seen over the last few months. These creative photos emphasize some trends we, as wedding planners in South Africa, know and love: neon brights, platform heels, micro-minis, and bold accessories we’ve seen this season in fashion…. truth be told, we don’t see these fads going anywhere! The brides we’ve seen incorporating these fun and unique elements throw the rule book out the window and are unapologetically themselves! She doesn’t care too much for tradition but has impeccable taste.

As wedding planners in South Africa, we feel that letting loose and creating a day that is so perfectly YOU is definitely the move for couples planning their weddings for the upcoming wedding season! There’s nothing better than making your own rules and creating a day you and your guests will never forget!

Bridal sunglasses is one trend that is here to STAY! Truth be told, we never see these sunnies going out of style, whether it is for this specific trend or just to add some glam to your traditional wedding.

Okay it’s no secret we love pink… and we couldn’t help but fawn over this neon pink inspiration with major Barbie-core vibes!! I mean pink convertible, chunky heels and a bright pink veil screams an unforgettable event that Barbie and Ken would give their stamp of approval!

Eccentric, luscious, and oh-so-stylish! We love when people stray from tradition and this is a perfect execution of doing so! Let us know what you’re thinking of these stylish photoshoots in the comments below!

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