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Wedding Coordinator at Hano & Madri's Wedding: A Dream Come True in Pretoria

Planning a wedding is a beautiful journey, but it can also be quite an adventure, especially when you're aiming for a picture-perfect day. Hano and Madri, a lovely couple who recently tied the knot, understood the value of a well-executed wedding plan. That's why they chose to work with a wedding coordinator in Pretoria, and their wedding day at the stunning Cipresso venue was nothing short of magical.

The Perfect Attire

Every wedding starts with the perfect attire, and Hano and Madri made no exceptions. Madri's dress, designed by Whimsical Bridal, was a breathtaking masterpiece. The bridesmaids also looked stunning in dresses from Kostuum. What made Madri's look even more special was the incredible makeup done by Miss Jaydeekay Makeup. Jaydeekay, not only a talented makeup artist but also a successful businesswoman, brought out Madri's natural beauty flawlessly.

Hair Straight Out of a Vogue Magazine

To complement the overall look, Miki Studio worked their magic on Madri's hair, creating a low bun that looked like it was taken from the pages of a Vogue magazine. It added an extra touch of elegance to an already gorgeous bride.

The Dapper Groom

Hano wasn't to be outdone, of course. He looked dashing in a suit from Kent and Jones, complete with a pastel blue tie. The couple's attention to detail in their attire set the tone for the day.

Stationery That Sets the Scene

Kila and Koo Design provided the stationery that beautifully set the scene for the wedding. The colors, following the pastel theme, were a perfect match for the day's aesthetics.

Floral Elegance

Flowers are often a centerpiece of any wedding. Juane from A Seed to Sow was the florist, and her modern interpretation of anthuriums and baby blue hydrangeas perfectly complemented the venue. The flowers were styled to perfection and added a touch of sophistication to the decor.

The Cipresso Venue: A Dreamy Setting

Cipresso venue in Pretoria is nothing short of a fairytale setting. It's located in the Pretoria East area, a short 20-minute drive out on Garsfontein Road in Bashewa. The venue, designed by Lise, is a work of art. It's modern, welcoming, and full of fine details that make every corner a sight to behold. The venue's gorgeous gardens, complete with lavender, provided the perfect backdrop for the day.

The Role of a Wedding Coordinator

Ethereal Events Co. had the privilege of working with this amazing couple, and it was a fantastic experience. Coordinating a wedding, especially in a venue as exquisite as Cipresso, is a task that requires careful planning and attention to detail. Hiring a wedding coordinator can relieve so much pressure, especially in the month leading up to the wedding. Coordinators take care of suppliers, arrange last-minute details, and bring the entire wedding together, allowing the couple to truly enjoy their day without the stress.

In the case of Hano and Madri, they understood the importance of a wedding coordinator, and it made all the difference in executing their dream wedding in Pretoria. The coordination ensured that everything ran smoothly, and they could bask in the beauty of their day without any worries.

In conclusion, planning a wedding is a monumental task, and having a coordinator on board can be a game-changer. It ensures that every detail is taken care of, and the day can be enjoyed to the fullest. Hano and Madri's wedding at the Cipresso venue in Pretoria was a testament to this, where love, beauty, and impeccable coordination came together for a day they will cherish forever.

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