Wedding Planning: Expectations vs. Reality

While wedding planning can be a fun experience, we wouldn’t call it non-stop rainbows and butterflies. Here’s a peek at some of wedding planning’s less glamorous moments.

While wedding planning can be a fun, joyful experience, we wouldn’t go so far as to call it non-stop rainbows and butterflies. Here’s a peek into some of wedding planning’s less glamorous moments.

Expectation: Of course I’ll stick to my budget — I’m financially savvy and super organized. Reality: It costs WHAT to rent that? BRB buying lotto tickets. Expectation: I’m going to get soo in shape. Hot bride body, here I come! Reality: Right after this sleeve of Oreos and Law & Order marathon. LAY OFF ME I’M STARVING. Expectation: That countryside estate will be the perfect venue for my dream wedding! Reality: It’s booked until 2025. Is a 10-year engagement too long? Expectation: I’m great at making decisions! Reality: Ivory, definitely. No, white. No, ivory. For sure white though. Both. Neither. OK, ivory though. Fine, white. Ivory, final answer. I don’t care, you decide. Expectation: I’ll just DIY those escort cards/centerpieces/signs. It will be fun! Anyone can do that! I took an art class one semester, so how hard could it be? Reality: Turns out you can’t casually pick up calligraphy overnight, so if you need me I’ll be researching pros who actually know what they’re doing. Expectation: My fiancé and I would NEVER fight over wedding details! That’s so silly. We’re mature adults and we know how to keep things in perspective. Reality: Why aren’t you being more helpful? What do you mean that’s a waste of money — it’s important to me! OK, your family’s guest list is out of control — do you seriously have to invite your third cousins? I know you want to backpack through Europe on our honeymoon but I’m really more of a spa resort type of person... Expectation: I’m going to be suchhhh a chill bride/groom. I’m a laid-back, down-to-earth person. Reality: Zilla. Expectation: Choosing a cohesive theme/decorative scheme will be a cinch — I have a very specific style and I know myself soo well. Reality: Give me everything. I want the glitzy sequin tablecloths but I obviously also need those rustic burlap banners and I can’t imagine my wedding day without that vintage furniture I saw online and oooh I have my heart set on this modern industrial loft venue — we can make that all work together, right? I want a summer beach wedding but I love the look of a bride in a fur coat, and I want my bridesmaids to wear cowboy boots so there probably needs to be a barn involved somewhere. Help. Can I just have six different weddings? Expectation: Registering will be so much fun! Reality: I have no clue where to begin. The only kitchen appliance I know how to operate is a microwave and the only “dining and entertaining” accessories I own are Solo cups and Chinet. What’s a charger plate? Expectation: I’m going to have the most adorable little flower girls! Reality: The flower girl refused to wear her flower crown, got chocolate on her cute white dress, and then sob-sprinted down the aisle. Expectation: I can totally wear these 5-inch heels on my wedding day. They’re a little uncomfortable and pricey but they’ll look great in pictures and beauty is pain! Reality: Help, I can’t feel my legs. Screw fashion, I’m grabbing a pair of rubber flip-flops from the favor bin. Expectation: I gave my hair and makeup people a picture of Blake Lively at the Oscars for inspiration — can’t wait to look just like her on my wedding day! Reality: Whatever, I didn’t want to look like Blake anyway. The whole silky hair and glowing skin thing is so overrated; this frizzy, melted makeup dancefloor look I’ve got going on is so much hotter. Expectation: I’m so excited to try those awesome hors d’oeuvres at cocktail hour! Reality: Nope. No time to eat a thang.


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