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Wedding Black Friday Deals

Getting married in 2022 and want to snatch some awesome deals for your wedding?

Well, look no further!

Our annual Black Friday and Siber Monday deals are officially here!

Wedding Coordinator Black Friday Special

View The Full Package Here:

Why you should hire a wedding coordinator?

Some couples have the planning process under control but don’t want the stress of having to manage suppliers and the schedule on their big day. They would much rather have a glass of champagne and enjoy their wedding day with friends and family. At Ethereal Events, we couldn’t agree more!

Just like your fairy godmother, we will swoop in with a personalized timeline for your Wedding day, take over the management of supplier set up and coordinate your wedding day, ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible!

You might be thinking that your venue already has a coordinator?

However, there is a difference between a wedding coordinator and a venue coordinator...

A venue coordinator coordinates the venue; ensuring the venue is clean, staff know what to do, food preparations, and everything that has to do with the VENUE.

What does the Wedding coordinator do?

Setup management and Logistics

Creating/ proposing logistics schedule for all suppliers to ensure all suppliers who are independent are arranged to arrive at apt times to deliver their services

Ensuring all suppliers receive setup schedule and confirm their arrival and set-up times for their services/products

Taking into consideration the amount of time each task will take and ensuring that there is enough staff to complete the task on time.

Ensuring that all suppliers deliver exactly what service/ product that was contracted by the client

Ensuring setup for ceremony, cocktail, and reception is completed on time

On the day management for the wedding

Includes set up management, drafting, communicating, and confirming set up a schedule

Managing all suppliers including venue, photo, video, hair and makeup, DJ, and entertainment throughout the day, regarding timing schedules and any changes. For example, if the ceremony starts an hour late, the kitchen needs to be informed, as does the MC, DJ, and photo and video, perhaps we can discuss how we can catch up on the schedule

Contact us today to secure this Black Friday Special.

Please Note: We only take a limited amount of bookings.

Black Friday Wedding Specials in South Africa 2021

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