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Why hire a wedding coordinator (If the venue includes an inhouse coordinator)

Alright—so you've found the perfect wedding venue and you notice they include a venue coordinator...


I absolutely love venue coordinators and have been one myself. I know the task they have to perform and all the things they have to get ready and organized for the big day, with that being said; If they tell you they can handle things on the day of your wedding, it’s true- they can, but it’s only within a certain scope.

A venue coordinator is looking out for the venue’s best interests. A wedding coordinator is looking out for YOUR best interests. The venue coordinator deals with everything having to do with the venue- food, setup, bathrooms, etc. A wedding coordinator will deal with aspects of the venue that pertain to you, such as setup, the scedual, managing the MC, coordinating the photos, and DJ, they will also make sure everything is to your specifications.

A wedding coordinator stays by your side throughout the day and night. They are there to tell you when things will be occurring throughout the night, such as the cake cutting, bouquet toss, toasts, etc. As a wedding planner/coordinator, I always stay until all the formalities are taken care of, and only leave once it's time for the party to start. A venue coordinator will be making sure the bar is fully stocked the food is ready to go and basically that the venue runs smoothly. The wedding coordinator will coordinate the Entrance of the bride and groom, giving the MC the go-ahead to announce the couple for the first time as well as letting the DJ know it's time for the entrance song.

A wedding coordinator contacts your vendors before your wedding to make sure everyone is confirmed and knows what time they will be arriving.

So, these notions are just a few things to think about when it comes to deciding whether or not you need a wedding coordinator.

Wedding Coordinators and Venue coordinators have 2 very different tasks on the wedding day.

You want someone there that will be able to do damage control if need be... for instance if the make-up and hair takes an extra 10 - 20 min longer than anticipated the wedding coordinator will be able to move the time schedule around and stall the wedding guests if need be.

As I said before, I LOVE venue coordinators- it’s always awesome to work with them! But as a couple planning a wedding, I want you to be aware of the differences between the two so you can make the best decision!

Feel free to have a look at our Wedding Coordination Packages and book a Coffee date with us!

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