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You Said "YES" What Do You Do Next?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Your fiancé popped the big question and you said “YES!”

Congratulations! But what do you do next?

We are guessing at this point you shared a photo of your ring on Instagram, and changed your status on Facebook. Hopefully, you took some time to personally share the good news with important people in your life before you posted it on social media.

Step One – Do Nothing

Seriously, take some time and enjoy the thought of being engaged and marrying the love of your life. Learn to call him/her fiancé instead of boyfriend or girlfriend. We know this one takes some practice to get right. Do a few date nights, just the two of you, and take some time to look at things that reflect you and that you enjoy.

Not only will this time together be enjoyable when life gets busy during wedding planning. But, looking at some of these things can help you find details that reflect you and make your wedding more personalized.

Insure Your Ring

Wedding insurance is a great investment. At this point in the process insurance for your shiny new engagement ring is a must. Rings slipping off your hand, or diamonds falling out of the setting are sure ways to sour your wedding planning.

Look At The Big Stuff

Together, as a couple, look at the big pieces of your wedding that are important to each of you. Is a religious ceremony a big part of your life? Are you looking at a larger wedding or maybe a smaller destination wedding? Each of you can make a list of three things that are most important to each of you. It might be those incredible wedding flowers that fill the reception, or it could be more low key with an incredible dining experience paired with wine. Knowing what is important to each of you is a big piece of getting started. Also, starting on a first draft guestlist for each of you, as well as the two of you as a couple can give you an idea of what the entire guest list might look like.

A Family Affair

Regardless of whether the family is financially invested in the planning, in most cases, they will have input on religious and cultural matters as well as the guest list. The topics no one likes to discuss: Religion, Finances, and Politics often collide when it comes to wedding planning. Being prepared with a list of your ideal wedding, as well as things that are ‘nonnegotiable” before meeting with the parents. So before setting off on finding a wedding venue and beginning planning you want to have at least started to draft a wedding budget. (Psst... check out our tips to avoid family drama at your wedding here.)

Hiring a professional wedding planner might just be the best investment you make for your wedding. Do your research and check out online reviews for recommendations and pay attention when you start hearing the same name over and over again. Engaging a planner early in the planning process will often save you time and money and might just protect your sanity too.

Professional wedding planners typically have one big rule. It’s your day, not theirs. They are in the business of telling your story and creating a unique event that is a reflection of you. They have developed relationships with many of the top professionals in their region

Register for Gifts

One of the next few steps in planning will be to host an engagement party and invited guests will want to know where they can buy you a gift. Whether you are registering for household items, or a honeymoon fun, be sure to put enough items on your registry. If there are not enough items people will make their own selections and you might be surprised at some of the items you will get.

By taking your time, enjoying some time together, deciding what is important to each of you, and talking to family about their thoughts, moving forward in a logical manner your wedding planning will be much smoother.

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